Ethan Liang 's mind map

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EthanMindmap by Mind Map: EthanMindmap

1. Future

1.1. will be

1.1.1. military I am in cadets hoping that I can make a better future for the younger ones training in military can give me many benefits school should teach students about military so that they can learn from what the world needs in the future

1.2. will be

1.2.1. Computer Science taking comp science courses can lead to good raise for jobs suggested by my sister because it is very good code and technology can be advance to help everyday lives

1.3. will be

1.3.1. my life make my own decisions in life got to be productive in life I don't want my life go to the waste

1.4. will be

1.4.1. University in B.C. not too far from home, can always visit family there are many good universities in B.C. hopefully I am able to stay in B.C so I can continue cadets in the same place

2. present

2.1. is

2.1.1. competitive never gives up even if losing can't afford to lose always aim for the top

2.2. is

2.2.1. different able to do things a different way able to make friends around the same or higher skill level as myself take someone else's ideas and make it into mine so i can recognize more easily

2.3. is

2.3.1. friendly I did not want to make enemies friendly toward others even in a game love to make new friends and meet new people

2.4. is

2.4.1. supportive help others when they need it cheer on others when in a game give people compliments on what they did

3. past

3.1. was

3.1.1. lonely no good connections between friends school was boring hard to make good friends

3.2. was

3.2.1. stupid couldn't understand things right away terrible grades no common sense

3.3. was

3.3.1. chess player started playing since i was 6 was regarded by my teacher as very good sadly did not have time for chess, and got destroyed by a kid and rarely played ever again

3.4. was

3.4.1. piano player started at 8 was taught by my sister played for 7 years but stopped because the "teacher went to toronto" and lessons would never happen agaiin