Malignant Neck Masses

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Malignant Neck Masses by Mind Map: Malignant Neck Masses

1. Lymphoma

2. Synovial sarcoma

3. Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor

4. Fibrosarcoma

5. Liposarcoma

6. Rhabdomyosarcoma

7. most common=cervical metastasis from a primary tumor of upper aero digestive tract

8. Primary site is not located in <10% if cases

9. Malignant neoplasm of salivary, thyroid & parathyroid gland can present as cervical masses or w/metastasis to cerv. lymph nodes

10. Sarcomas rarely seen in head/neck

11. Unknown primary SCC

11.1. 2-8% primary site not known w/ head & neck SCC

11.2. FNA is initial diagnosis

12. IMAGING: CT neck w/&w/o contrast & PET


13.1. direct laryngoscopy w/ bisopsy

13.2. esophagoscopy

13.3. bronchoscopy

13.4. tonsillectomy


14.1. dissection vs radiation