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Day Planner App by Mind Map: Day Planner App

1. 65+ Elderly

2. Branding

2.1. Logo

2.1.1. Vector

2.1.2. Symbol

2.1.3. Typography

2.1.4. Easy to read 2 max 3 colour colour scheme Simple shapes high contrast colour scheme

2.1.5. The logo needs to be simple, easy to read and giving the users feel and encorunig them to donwload the app.

2.2. Name

2.2.1. YourCarer

2.2.2. YourElderly

2.2.3. Organiser

2.2.4. SeniorSomething

2.2.5. The name needs to relate to target audiences so that it is easier for them to find when typing similar phrases into the search bar of their application store.

3. Target Market

3.1. Audience

3.1.1. Carers

3.1.2. Elderly

3.1.3. People living with elderly

3.2. Gender

3.2.1. Male

3.2.2. Female

3.3. Age

3.3.1. Carer of any age

3.4. Occupation

3.4.1. Carer

3.4.2. Professional, Personal

4. Costing

4.1. Considering the app is fairly simple and the requirements which are unlikely to change throughout development, the app development costs can be estimated to be around £3000.00 or under £4000.00

4.2. The costs to promote the app on other apps, internet or online videos is around £30.00 for the ad to be displayed per month.

4.3. The app would cost £3.99 to download.

4.4. The app will require around £2000.00 to be maintained.

5. Interface

5.1. Seniors' Interface

5.1.1. Simple Large buttons Large and clear text, so that it is easy to read.

5.1.2. Accessbility Adjustable Colour Schemes Contrast Settings Brightntess Settings Text to speech

5.2. Carers' Interface

5.2.1. Planning Options Set Dataes Set times Set colours Set notifcation Sizes

5.2.2. App Organisation List of elders undercare Calender Other reminders

5.2.3. 3 colours colour scheme This will help keeping the interface clear and easy to read and therefore to navigate.

5.2.4. Images on icons, login or registration form These will help to keep the interface clear, it will make it seem as if the people in the images may be using the app, therefore comforting the user, ensuring the users that the app has been checked and is widely used, therefore reliable.

6. USP

6.1. The ability for the carer to plan for the elderly

6.2. Similar apps

6.2.1. Evernote

6.2.2. Remainders

6.2.3. Calender

7. Features

7.1. The app will not include search feature.

7.1.1. The idea for the app is to be really easy to use, having to implement a search feature would mean that the interface navigation became too complex. Thus defeating purpose of the app for the seniors.

7.2. The app will have many interactivity features such as

7.2.1. Tracker so carers can see the location of their elderly

7.2.2. Call assistance button so seniors can notify their carer when they require assistance.

7.2.3. The application will have a registration and login system, for both senior and carer interface. This will allow carers and seniors to connect with the app. It will improve security as password will be required to access users account, otherwise anyone with access to the phone could use the account.