renewable energy

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renewable energy by Mind Map: renewable energy

1. solar/wind energy

1.1. Barriers

1.1.1. siting -> space/ground needed -> negotiations, contracts, permission takes time & expensive (can even lead killing the projekt)

1.1.2. capital costs, initial costs higher -> production/installation(balanced afterwards through maintenance)

1.1.3. research costs

1.1.4. decentralized

1.1.5. Market entry missing infrastructure expensive politics

1.1.6. solar power only available when sun shines

1.2. Benefits

1.2.1. less CO2 emissions life cycle emissions minimal(construction material, installation)

1.2.2. no Air & Water pollution

1.2.3. inexhaustible energy no depletion of resources

1.2.4. jobs & economie creates new jobs installation worker, consulting maintenance, sales, production labour intensive

1.2.5. stable energy prices linked constant availability resources will not become rare

2. Biomass power

2.1. Pros

2.1.1. It is abundant

2.1.2. used without interruption

2.1.3. cleaner than fossil fuel

2.2. Cons

2.2.1. Can result in air pollution

2.2.2. takes a lot of energy to produce

2.2.3. can be seasonable and competes with food production

3. Hydroelectric power

3.1. is generated from flowing water, which turns turbines and generates electricity

3.2. Pros

3.2.1. It's clean

3.2.2. abundant

3.2.3. where there are bodies of water

3.3. Cons

3.3.1. Dams can create environmental concerns

3.3.2. restricted to where there is water