Snowstorms in Boston

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Snowstorms in Boston by Mind Map: Snowstorms in Boston

1. One big solution is Interactive snow plow tracking. their are use gps to keep track of where they plaow and they are going to use artificial intelligence to know where to plaow.

2. Deaths

2.1. they can ask if the can be in a cvs store

2.2. Death from heart attacks

2.3. Death from car accidents

2.4. Death from slips and falls

3. stores closed

3.1. buy ahead of times

4. No internet

4.1. ]play board games

5. car accidents

5.1. take the t

6. makes traffic worse

6.1. take the t

7. No power

7.1. Damaged power lines

8. get to work late

8.1. leave early from home

9. stuck inside

9.1. play bored games

10. pipes freeze brake

10.1. water comes out

11. no schools

11.1. stay home

12. Icy condition

12.1. they put chemical before time

13. potential injuries

13.1. be safe were you walk and wallk slow

14. makes problems with the t worse

14.1. fix the t and make the train waterproof

15. people forget to shovel

15.1. people that supposedly forget gets a tickets from the sicty

16. people put too much salt

16.1. you can put the salt

17. snow storm are bad for people

17.1. go to a homeless shelter

18. cars geting floder

18.1. put in a grange