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ETS by Mind Map: ETS

1. Scheduling

1.1. Programs

1.1.1. Cactis Issues

1.1.2. ETS Internal Inquiries

1.1.3. ETS External Inquiries

1.1.4. Signup Changes/Amendments

1.1.5. Public Engagement

1.1.6. Trainings

1.2. Projects

1.2.1. SignUps Route Testing & Runtime Analysis Vehicle Scheduling Final Revision & Checks Crew Scheduling Preparing Maps & Running Boards Posting the Signups Operators Signing Prepare Statistcs Check Maps and Pamphlets

1.2.2. Regional Collaborations Cross Border Schedule adjustments Work with with Othe Municipalities

1.2.3. Collaboration With Internal Stakholders Work With LRT Work with City Fleet

1.2.4. BNR

2. Planning

2.1. Programs

2.1.1. Public Engagment

2.1.2. Transit Budget Planning

2.1.3. Cactis /Pocc & Posse

2.2. Projects

2.2.1. Signup Define Service Design Make Route Adjustments Define Routes Adjust Service Levels

2.2.2. BNR Service Design First last KM Infrastructure Informational/ Public Engagement

2.2.3. Planning Adhoc Support

2.2.4. Annual Service Plan

2.2.5. Review Ridership / BNR Support

2.2.6. LRT WVL SEVL Capital LIne Metro

2.2.7. CIty Plan & Mass Transit New Routes Corridor Review Tranist Piority

2.2.8. Transit Priority Terwillger Tranist Signal Priority Other

2.2.9. Regional Transit New Routes Service levels External Collaboration

2.2.10. Schools Service Service Adjustments School Board Collaboration Other

3. Facility Design & Operations

3.1. Projects

3.1.1. Meetings Branch meetings P&S Section Meetings Team Meetings Other

3.1.2. Safety / Operational Reviews Bus Stop Transit Centre Routing Other

3.1.3. Sign-Ups

3.1.4. Training Mandatory (City) Training Safety Training Technical Training Other

3.1.5. Detours Road Work Development Work EPCOR LRT - VLSE LRT - VLW LRT - Other Transit Centres Other

3.1.6. Enquiries (CACTIS/POCC/POSSE)