Hub Feedback (Chunk 1)

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Hub Feedback (Chunk 1) by Mind Map: Hub Feedback (Chunk 1)

1. liked

1.1. "why bother" section

1.2. approachable book & style

1.3. "design feel" & "business feel"

1.4. icons

1.5. personas

2. wants & recommendations

2.1. content

2.1.1. personas should be real people female personas personas questions attention to middle management additional personas NGO Consultant Service/Prod introducer personas must "reach fans"

2.1.2. build SUSPENSE

2.1.3. to add environment vs. business model BM implementation section on writing with readers design constraints business plan section barriers to entry

2.1.4. book recommendation Idealized Design (Ackoff)

2.1.5. Apple example add "ease of finding music"

2.1.6. slower intro of the canvas use 4 areas

2.1.7. to change change value proposition question better titles of tripartite structure

2.2. form

2.2.1. colors for icons

2.2.2. additional examples on-/offline

2.3. success factors

2.3.1. applicability

2.3.2. distinguish customer groups

2.4. mistake

2.4.1. inversion of cost/rev icon

3. didn't like

3.1. language too BMI jargon

3.2. icons

3.2.1. current use of BM building block icons

3.2.2. "activities" building block icon

3.3. it's difficult to "grasp" the canvas immediately

3.4. A5 layout

3.5. personas

3.5.1. personas may limit audience

3.5.2. should be based on real people

3.5.3. shouldn't use real people (à la cooper)

4. my ideas

4.1. "design constraints" section

4.2. 6 personas over 2 pages