Fires in Australia

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Fires in Australia by Mind Map: Fires in Australia

1. Its really hot so it makes the fires worse.

1.1. Its was 120 degrees in sydeny and it is getting worse ever second

2. The fires erupted in other parts of Australia and it affects the plants.

2.1. In December it turned out to be the most hottest month ever record in the country and 2019 was the hottest and driest year on record

2.1.1. You need to drink more water and stay cool in the weather and keep it wet

3. The fires are getting to the point where animals are in danger.

3.1. its endearing the animals and there not gonna have places to live

4. The fires are burning house down and some people are homeless because of that

4.1. They have no place to live when the fires burn there house down

5. In the fires in Australia three people have died by fighting the fire water tank.

5.1. You need to be more brave if your not brave there no point of being a firefighter and those three men died like a man

6. They were at least 10 millions acres have burned go in Victoria and in new south wales alone there is lots ok