Australian Fires

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Australian Fires by Mind Map: Australian Fires

1. The fire is sreding faster.

2. Houses are berning down and billding too.

2.1. Sow pepll are having to move or sec shetr.

2.1.1. The pepll can help echothr pepll can share howsis.

3. There is to much smock.

3.1. Smock can cos pepell to be sic.

3.1.1. We can move the pepll to a safr locashin.

3.2. Smock so trees are diyeing.

3.2.1. More pepole helping the trees.

3.3. Smock can cos the water to polowt.

3.3.1. There is a cemicl cold clorene.

4. It is to driye and hot in australian.

4.1. If it is to hot the the fire will be to srog to tace owt.

4.2. It is to drirey sow the fire will tace more time to pot out the fire.

5. ask other contery for help

6. Thaye nede more water.

7. get other cintry to help the fire stop.

8. Anumls and crops are diyeing.

8.1. If crops staret to diye then thal be no more food.

8.1.1. We can chriye to sav all the anumls we can.

8.2. If anumls start to diye then thos anumls can go ustinck.

8.2.1. Can acs uthr plasis for help with food.

9. a canen of water shot in to the fire

10. reebilding in a much more safer plase

11. more fire fighter