Managing Money

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Managing Money by Mind Map: Managing Money

1. Why is it important to save money

1.1. Make your dreams come true

1.2. to secure for the future

1.3. to buy things you need

1.4. in a case of a emergency

1.5. to make a living

1.6. for the retirement

1.7. education

2. Effective ways of saving Money

2.1. When you buy something in the market, look for a discount.

2.2. Get a Box where you but every day, some money.

2.3. Don't buy clothes from big brands.

2.4. Tax return

3. My own live

3.1. I put every day my rest of coins in a piggy bank. When it's full I bring the money to the bank

3.2. When I go shopping I only buy things when I am to 100% convinced.