3 Branches of the United States Gov.

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3 Branches of the United States Gov. by Mind Map: 3 Branches of the United States Gov.

1. Legislative Branch

1.1. 2 chambers- House of Representatives & the Senate

1.1.1. HOR- members are elected by the people and the number of representatives is based on population. Used to be elected by state legislators until the 17th amendment called for the Direct Election of Senators Senate-each state has two senators who are directly elected Implied-powers granted to the United States government that aren't explicitly stated in the Constitution

2. Executive Branch

2.1. President- must be 35 years of age, a natural born citizen & have lived in the United States for at least 14 years

2.1.1. Term- 4 years Being able to veto, appoint federal posts, negotiate foreign treaties, grant pardons, etc. Roles of president- federal agencies, commissions, government corporations, and boards that carry out specific duties

3. Judicial Branch

3.1. Qualifications- must:be at least twenty-five years old;have been a citizen of the United States for the past seven years; and be an inhabitant of the state they represent.

3.1.1. May be removed by a 2/3 vote. Must be a majority to be approved. Justices- 9 Title of head justice- Chief Justice

4. 10 Amendments

4.1. 1. Every citizen has the right to freedom of speech

4.2. 2. Every citizen has the right to bear arms

4.3. 3. No solider in time of peace shall be quarter in a private citizens home without consent

4.4. 4. Personal property cannot be searched without a warrant

4.5. 5. No person must testify against themselves in a court of law

4.6. 6. A defendant has the right to a fair & speedy trail

4.7. 7. Every trial has the right to a jury

4.8. 8. No excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment

4.9. 9. No one shall be denied their basic constitutional rights

4.10. 10. Power is to be retained by the states and people