US Federal Government

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US Federal Government by Mind Map: US Federal Government

1. The Judicial branch

1.1. Supreme Court

1.1.1. Members Appointed by the president approved by the senate Person must be open minded and can understand the law

1.1.2. Power of Supreme Court The Supreme Court primary power Is judicial review

1.1.3. Federal court justices Their are 852 federal justices Head justice is called the Chief Justice

1.2. Established by article

1.3. Established by article three of the constitution

2. The Legislative branch

2.1. Congress

2.1.1. House of Representatives 435 members Need to 25 years old, citizen of us for 7 years and resident of state you represent Serve 2 years

2.1.2. Senate Their are 100 members of the senate 30 years old, US citizen for 9 years, live in state you represent. Serve 6 years

2.2. Powers of legislative branch

2.2.1. Taxing and spending power

2.2.2. Power to borrow

2.2.3. Power to coin money and regulate value.

2.2.4. Commerce power

2.2.5. Foreign policy powers

2.2.6. Nationalization power and power to admit new states and govern territory

2.2.7. Pass laws,that govern federal property

2.2.8. Grant copyrights and patents

2.2.9. Establish post office and federal courts

2.3. Established by article one of the constitution

3. The Executive branch

3.1. President

3.1.1. The president must be 35 years old, natural born citizen, live in US for 14 years.

3.1.2. Server 2 terms four years each or a max of ten years

3.1.3. The roles of the president Chief executive Leads the executive branch; enforces laws Faithfully execute laws of the nation Appointment power Executive order Impoundment of funds Reprieves,pardons,amnesty,clemency Head of state Represents the nation and performs ceremonial duties Commander in Chief Commands the armed forces Chief diplomat Directs us foreign policy and signs and negotiates treaties Legislative leader Expresses his plan for the nation during state of the union address Economic planer and party leader

3.2. Vice president

3.2.1. Serves 4 years has no term limit

3.2.2. Does not require specific qualifications

3.3. Powers of executive branch

3.3.1. Veto a law

3.3.2. Appoint federal posts

3.3.3. Negotiate foreign treaties

3.3.4. Appoint federal judges

3.3.5. Grant pardons

3.4. Executive departments

3.4.1. The 15 executive departments are state, treasury, defense, justice, interior, agriculture, commerce, labor,health and human services,housing and urban development, transportation, energy, education, veteran affairs, and homeland security.

3.5. Established by article

3.6. Established by article two of the constitution