Technology: What the What?!

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Technology: What the What?! by Mind Map: Technology: What the What?!

1. What the What?!

1.1. So what is considered technology?

1.2. Can technology advance much further?

1.3. How is technology related to biological concepts

1.4. If technology is always evolving when is too far too far?

1.5. Why does technology exist?

1.6. Where does technology go if it never really goes away?

1.7. Is the convince of technology making humans lazy?

1.8. What happens when society takes away technology?

1.9. What is the most important technology?

1.10. Is technology important in every field?

1.11. How new does technology have to be to be considered "technology"?

1.12. Is all technology useful?

1.13. Why is some outdated technology still in production?

1.14. How does technology affect our biases?

1.15. How does technology enable growth?

1.16. How has technology emancipated minorities?

1.17. What type of people develop technology?

1.18. How does technology around the world effect societies?

2. How do we define technology?

2.1. 1. Any outside source or tools used for the convince of tasks used for humans

2.1.1. a pencil

2.2. 2. Use of resources to increase productivity

2.2.1. cotton gin

2.3. 3. Decreases effort in our everyday lives

2.3.1. zip-off cargo shorts

2.4. 4. The development and research for the betterment of societies throughout the world

2.4.1. medical

2.5. 5. Any tool that makes life easier

2.5.1. Google

2.6. 6. Any form of science applied to create something

2.6.1. a rocket

2.7. 7. Anything that humans make

2.7.1. unnatural

2.8. 8. Anything that is created by people to make your life more convenient

2.8.1. pizza cutter

2.9. 9. Societal advancements used to enhance our experience in life

2.9.1. modern medicine

2.10. 10. A means by which we continuously improve with good or bad intentions

2.10.1. guns

2.11. 11. Anything developed

2.11.1. monkeys using sticks to get food

3. What's Society's Role?

3.1. 1. Society's role is to create technology

3.2. 2. To create the need for technology

3.3. 3. Provide ethics for technology

3.4. 4. Regulating technology based on ethics

3.5. 5. To voice our need for technology

3.6. 6. To shape and create technology to fit society's needs

3.7. 7. Checks and balances

3.8. 8. Demand change

3.9. 9. Regulate

3.10. 10. To use and inspire people to use technology

3.11. 11. To increase availability

3.12. 12. To help spread technology throughout the world