Underviser Olympus strategic change

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Underviser Olympus strategic change by Mind Map: Underviser Olympus strategic change

1. Recapture lost market share

1.1. New products

1.1.1. SLR: Compete innovative use of technology

1.1.2. Compact: Full line, low cost

1.2. Decrease Time to market

1.3. Product planning process

1.3.1. Preliminary Corporate plan -> Division management charter Technology review Current & future technology -> impact business Olympus proprietary technology -> competition Analysis of the general business environment Quantitive information Ministry of Trade Market statistics Industry association shipment statistics Commissioned surveys Qualitative information Questionnaires End Users Group interviews - Consumer preferences Trend analysis interviews - population Professional photographers Special sales people - feedback Production planning staff behind the counter Planning staff conventions Competitive analysis

1.3.2. Different from peers by S&M responsible, not R&D Plan review to balance demands from market with realities of RD& and production Global products - semiannual review

1.3.3. Exhaustive review to ensure practicality Initial: R&D and product planning Approach acceptance: + Production personnel Acceptance: General meeting w/mgmt Post acceptance: Implement

2. Improve product quality

2.1. Introduction of new products

2.1.1. Important to be the best

2.2. Manufacturing

2.2.1. Reduce disruptions to reduce cost

3. Reduce production cost

3.1. Designing High-Quality Products at Low Cost

3.1.1. Target costing Price point Destinctive features Decrease over time with improvements in technology Expanding number FOB price = Price point - margin dealers and US sub and import cost Target cost = FOB price - Target margin Target cost ratio = Target cost / FOB price Conversion to Yen via FOB price Semiannual review Design phase: Frequent review Identifying other features Iterative process

3.1.2. Reducing unnecessary expenditures Components Fixed cost cutting Procedures surrounding launch Cost of purchased parts Integrate existing cost reduction Programs Production cost control Cost of defective production Capacity utilization Overhead expenses Variances from programs combined in monthly report

3.1.3. Improving Production Engineering Shorten production time by decrease batch size zero inventory in production Reduce introduction time by improving communications S&M General support to S&M increased by office automation

3.1.4. Adopting Innovative Manufacturing Processes Increased automation Assembly lens production electronic parts mounting molding In total 23 automation projects

3.1.5. Shift to overseas production Potential 15%