Technology: What the What?

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Technology: What the What? by Mind Map: Technology: What the What?

1. What the What?!

1.1. 1. Why hasn't technology been developed and/or use to prevent or halt climate change?

1.2. 2. How can we apply technology in sporting?

1.3. 3. Where did the word technology come from?

1.4. 4. What is considered technology?

1.5. 5. Where there ever be a time when everything has been created?

1.6. 6. What is technology's potential/what is it really capable of?

1.7. 7. Will technology take over mankind (e.g., I-Robot/Terminator?

1.8. 8. How far back does technology go?

1.9. 9. Will technology stop evolving?

1.10. 10. Should bots online be forced to identify themselves?

1.11. 11. Do inventors of technology control society?

1.12. 12. What role can technology play in helping with climate change?

1.13. 13. Are we too dependent on technology?

1.14. 14. Could we ever go back to a society without technology?

1.15. 15. Who regulates technology?

2. Working Definitions of Technology/Example

2.1. 1. Technology--anything outside of the womb that improves your life

2.1.1. Rolling tables

2.2. 2. Tools used to better our lives and answer societal problems

2.2.1. Cars

2.3. 3. Devices or tools created using scientific process to enhance, change, or manipulate the environment

2.3.1. Transportation

2.4. 4. Anything that has been created for the betterment and ease of human life

2.4.1. the wheel

2.5. 5. The development of past knowledge that we use to create tools to propel human achievement

2.5.1. a pen (mud on a wall to the Apple Pencil

2.6. 6. Anything that makes doing things easier

2.6.1. hammer

2.7. 7. Technology is the adaption of scientific knowledge and tools for the betterment of society

2.7.1. cell phone

2.8. 8. Technology is used to communicate with others across the world

2.8.1. phone/social media

2.9. 9. Growing innovations and inventions

2.9.1. stone tools to computers

2.10. 10. Applied scientific knowledge

2.10.1. robotic surgeries

2.11. 11. The application of knowledge to benefit life

2.11.1. the chairs you are sitting in

2.12. 12. Technology is a tool that we have created to assist us in endeavors that would either take us much longer to do ourselves or would be too difficult to perform with our physical capabilities

2.12.1. wheel

3. What is Society's Role in Technology?

3.1. 12. Society Drives innovation

3.2. 11. Society's role is to have the questions for technology to answer.

3.3. 10. Purchasing the product

3.4. 9. Society creates a demand for technology/technology fulfills that demand

3.5. 8. Create technology to serve society so what ever society needs technology is created

3.6. 7. Society is the users of technology

3.7. 6. Society both drives and limits technology

3.8. 5. Because of what we do we give them reasons to come up with technology

3.9. 4. Society creates the demand and those who innovate the supply (often the supply is created before the demand

3.10. 3. To use and demand to further improve lifestyle

3.11. 2. Society controls technology by accepting or rejecting it as well as having needs that technology can later fulfill (dialectical relationships)

3.12. 1. To improve technology