U.S Government

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U.S Government by Mind Map: U.S Government

1. The Judicial Branch

1.1. Lawyer experience, education, no age requirements

1.2. The president will nominate someone to be a Supreme Court justice, special review, the senate votes, taking a seat

1.2.1. There are 9 Justices in the Supreme Court Chief Justice is the title of head Justice As long as they want

2. The Executive Branch

2.1. To be the president you need to be at least 35 years old or older, live in the United States up to 14 years or more, and a natural born citizen. To be the Vice President is the same requirements to be the president at least 35 years old or older, natural born citizen, live in the United States for 14 years or more

2.1.1. Two four year terms Able to veto and reject, have a proposal for a law, appoint federal posts Head of state, commander in chief, party leader, economic planner, legislative leader, chief diplomat

3. The Legislative Branch

3.1. The House of Representatives and The Senate

3.2. The Age to be in the house is 25 or older, been a us citizen for at least seven years, and you have to live in the state you represent

3.3. The age to be in the senate is 30 or older, have to be a us citizen for nine years, have to live in the state you represent

3.3.1. There are 100 senators two per state, the 435 House representatives

3.3.2. The Houses term length is two years terms, the senates term length is six year terms

3.3.3. Expressed and Enumerated Powers are the power to levy taxes, borrow money, coin money, declare war, raise and support the armed forces. Implied and Elastic Clause gives Congress ability to meet the powers that the founding fathers didn’t reach Article