Pontiac's War Mind Map

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Pontiac's War Mind Map by Mind Map: Pontiac's War Mind Map

1. Influences

2. 1761 Neoline a prophet has a dream of the Native American's only way to get into heaven is to get rid of the Europeans

3. Pontiac did not command all Indians but influenced them by his actions

4. Battles

5. May 1763 Pontiac and 300 Native American try and overthrow fort Detroit and failed

6. May 1763 Pontiac then captures forts Sandusky, St. Joseph, and Miami.

7. 1766 the war ends

8. War

9. Consequences

10. 1763 and 11774 British places duties on items such as tea,paper, and stamps

11. Forts taken

12. Aftermath

13. Britain implemented increasingly restrictive policies that took away protection from unlawful searches and jury trials

14. Pontiac

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