Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension by Mind Map: Reading Comprehension

1. active process of making meaning

1.1. Interactive process between the reader and the text

1.2. Strategic the reader sets a purpose

1.3. Adaptive the reader changes the skill depending on the text

2. How do good readers make meaning?

2.1. Readers understand words and recognize when they do not and use background knowledge to make meaning

3. make predictions

3.1. continue to check these predictions and make new ones

4. make inferences

4.1. using information you already know to make a guess

5. visualize

5.1. create pictures in their mind

6. check for understanding

6.1. go back and re-read

6.2. ask themselves if they understand and use strategies to help them if they do not

7. set an intention or reading goal

7.1. what is it you are looking to find out?

7.2. setting? characters? problem? solution?

8. Ask questions

8.1. before, during and after

9. retell what they have read

9.1. class discussions

9.2. graphic organizers