Aura Esthetic Spa & Sauna

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Aura Esthetic Spa & Sauna by Mind Map: Aura Esthetic Spa & Sauna

1. At Aura Esthetic Spa & Sauna we provide premium spa and sauna services at a sincere rate. Our spotless facility is personal, relaxing and intimate. When you turn up you'll be greeted by our friendly and expert staff. Our spa offers services: Body Massages, Facials, Waxing, Gentle Hair Removal, Body Exfoliation, Body Wraps, and Couples Massages. Our bathhouse facility includes: a resting area, sauna, iced pool, showers, changing rooms, bathrobes, slippers, towels, tv, and dining area. Although applying our bathhouse, we give complimentary sweets, fruits and herbal teas. Additionally, our team give group package deals tailored for your party's needs which are most ideal for bridal parties, couples sessions, girls day/night out, corporate events, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Upon asking for, we give gourmet catering for our group packages. Address: 98 Buck Rd Southampton Pennsylvania 18966 United States Phone: (215) 322-3033 Email: [email protected] Website: