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1. General charasteristic

1.1. Habitad

1.1.1. Everywhere

1.2. Cellular Organitation

1.2.1. Unicellular

1.3. Lifestyle

1.3.1. Colonies

1.3.2. Most Free-Living

1.4. Nutrition

1.4.1. Some Autrotroph Cyanobacteria It is an organism that tranform inorganic matter into orgasim by the proce of photosyntesis

1.4.2. Most heterotroph Symbiont It is a relatioship between two organism in which both benefit. Parasites Parasite and Host It is an organisim that feeds on the host and harms them It is an organis that obtain matter and energy from other organsim

1.4.3. Saprhopites Dead Organism,Decomposer It is an organisim that feeds and dead and descomposing organic matter from other living things

1.5. Reproduction

1.5.1. Endospore Binary Fission A bacterium it divides into two equals parts producint daugther cell if enviromental conditon are favourable bacteria can produce numerous decendants a shoth time It is a defensive structure that bacteria create when condition are favourable arent positive

2. Size and Shape

2.1. Cocus,Bacillus,Vibrio,Spirillum are Microcopic


3.1. Spirilum

3.2. Cocus

3.3. Bacilli

3.4. Vibrio

4. Benefits

4.1. photoshyntetic

4.2. Descompsing

4.3. intestine

4.4. producing food

5. Prevention of diseases

5.1. whas fruit and vegetal

5.2. persone higiene

5.3. Brush your teeh

5.4. clean your house