Injury Trial Lawyers, APC

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Injury Trial Lawyers, APC by Mind Map: Injury Trial Lawyers, APC

1. Address: 1230 Columbia Street #560 San Diego, California 92101 United States Phone: 619-525-7007 Website: Injury Trial Lawyers, APC (ITL) was established in 2004 with the objective of achieving the very best outcome possible for victims of personal injury. At ITL we understand that your injuries not only affect the quality of your life, but your ability to take care of those you love. We pride ourselves with giving each client the attention they deserve to ensure they get fairly compensated for their injuries. ITL is made up of extremely skilled trial attorneys, including lead counsel Richard Morse. The insurance companies know that we are not scared to visit court and this makes them more likely to offer a reasonable settlement. At Injury Trial Lawyers, APC, we manage your case from start to finish and always guarantee that you get the top quality representation you deserve. Our clients consistently praise us for providing individual attention to each of their cases. ITL prides itself on aggressive preparation and expert representation in and out of court. Learn more regarding our award winning trial team or contact us for a free consultation.