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Cybersecurity by Mind Map: Cybersecurity

1. Firewall

1.1. Can increase small amounts of security

1.2. Helps secure personal and enterprise networks

1.3. Basically fancy User Auths but with the internet

2. Antivirus

2.1. Uses hashes to identify common viruses

2.2. Excellent first line of defence

3. Encryption

3.1. The process of data obfuscation to secure private data.

3.2. Encrypted data and information is

4. Authentication

5. MAC Address Filtering

6. Software Updates

6.1. Keeping software up to date is brilliant for support

6.2. Firmware updates can restrict exploits

6.3. Keep warranty and fixes.

6.4. Somebody to blame problems on.

7. Physical Access

8. Threats

8.1. Possible Vectors

8.1.1. Malicious Code

8.1.2. Weak and Default Passwords

8.1.3. Misconfigured access rights

8.1.4. Removeable media

8.1.5. Unpatched or outdated software

8.1.6. Social Engineering Human interaction Manipulating people so they give up confidential information Like Aaron It's kind of always the victims fault ngl Types Phishing and Pharming Social Networks Blagging (pretexting) Shouldering

9. Cybersecurity

9.1. Consisting of the processes and practices and technologies designed to protect networks, programs and computers from attack or unauthorised access ;)

9.2. Types of thing

9.2.1. White hat People that are part of an organisation, that do pentests

9.2.2. Grey hat Me.

9.2.3. Black hat Bad people, that do bad things.