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The Universe by Mind Map: The Universe

1. Stars

1.1. Constellations

1.1.1. Visible at... Different times of the night Different Seasons Hemispheres Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere

1.2. The Sun

1.2.1. Our Home Star

2. Galaxies

2.1. Spiral-Shaped

2.1.1. The Milky Way

2.2. Oval-Shaped

2.3. No deffinite shape

3. The Solar System

3.1. The Sun

3.1.1. Centre of The Solar System

3.1.2. The only star in The Solar System

3.1.3. Is a... Yellow Dwarf Star

3.1.4. Gives off... Light and Heat

3.2. Planets

3.2.1. Inner Planets Mercury Venus Earth Day And Night The Seasons Mars

3.2.2. Outer Planets Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

3.3. Celestial Bodies

3.3.1. Comets

3.3.2. Asteroids Can be found in... The Asteroid Belt The Kuiper Belt

3.3.3. Natural Satellites Moon Tides Phases Sides

3.3.4. Dwarf Planets Pluto