The branches of government

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The branches of government by Mind Map: The branches of government

1. The legislative branch

1.1. House of Representatives and the senate

1.2. Senate- 30 years old, live in the u.s for 9 years, must live in state they represent

1.3. H.o.r- 25 years old , live in u.s for 7 years, live in the state they represent

1.4. Senate-100, h.o.r- 435

1.5. Make laws, change laws

1.6. 8 years for both of the chambers

1.7. Make the budget for justices, make the laws.

2. The judicial branch

2.1. No requirement

2.2. Appointed by the president and approved by senate

2.3. 9 Justices

2.4. Chief Justice

2.5. Until retirement or death

2.6. Judicial review

3. The executive branch

3.1. Natural born citizen, 35 years old, live in the u.s.a for 14 years

3.2. 2 terms, 4 years each

3.3. Carry out rules made by congress, makes agencies to help America run

3.4. Inherent powers,immediate needs for nation, executive privilege, popular opinion

3.5. 15 departments

3.6. Department of state, department of the treasury, department of defense, department of justice, department of the interior, department of agriculture, department of commerce

3.7. Department of labor, department of health and human services, department of housing and urban development, department of transportation, department of energy, department of education, department of veterans affairs, department of homeland security