U.S. Federal Government

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U.S. Federal Government by Mind Map: U.S. Federal Government

1. Legislative Branch

1.1. Established by Article I

1.2. Senate: 100 members

1.2.1. Must be 30 years old, 9 year citizen, and a resident of the state they represent

1.2.2. 6 year term, 1/3 are up for re-election every other year

1.3. House of Representatives: 438 members

1.3.1. Must be 25 years old, 7 year citizen, and a resident of the state they represent

1.3.2. 2 year terms

1.4. Powers

1.4.1. Legislative Oversight, Approve of appointments by the president, and declaring war

1.4.2. Implied/Elastic Clause Gives Congress the power to pass laws deemed “necessary and proper” Ex: Bank of America

1.4.3. Expressed/Enumerated Powers Expressed Powers are powers listed in the constitution, like coining money and taxes Ex: Coining Money Enumerated Powers are Powers not listed in the constitution and are prohibited Ex: Cannot make laws against the constitution

2. Executive Branch

2.1. Established by Article II

2.2. President: 4 year term and 2 max

2.2.1. Natural born Citizen, 14 year resident, and 35 years old

2.3. Vice President: 4 year term with no term limit

2.3.1. Natural born Citizen, 14 year resident, and 35 years old

2.4. Roles of President

2.4.1. chief of state, chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat, commander in chief, chief legislator, party chief, and chief citizen

2.5. Powers

2.5.1. Veto or reject a proposal of law

2.5.2. Appointment of federal agents

2.5.3. Appointment of federal judges

2.5.4. Grant pardons

2.5.5. Negotiation of treaties

2.6. 15 Depatments

2.6.1. Dep. of State

2.6.2. Dep. of Agriculture

2.6.3. Dep. of Treasury

2.6.4. Dep. of Homeland Security

2.6.5. Dep. of Defense

2.6.6. Dep. of Interior

2.6.7. Dep. of Justice

2.6.8. Dep. of Commerce

2.6.9. Dep. of Labor

2.6.10. Dep. Health and Human Resources

2.6.11. Dep. of Housing and Urban Development

2.6.12. Dep. of Transportation

2.6.13. Dep. of Energy

2.6.14. Dep. of Education

2.6.15. Dep. of Veteran Affairs

3. Judicial Branch

3.1. Established by Article III

3.2. Supreme Court

3.2.1. Qualifications: 30 years old, practice law, and citizen for past 15 years

3.2.2. 9 justices with each serving for life, retirement, or impeachment

3.2.3. Members are appointed by the president and approved by Congress

3.2.4. Head Justice is a title for a Justice and given based on seniority

3.3. Powers

3.3.1. Judicial Review: declares laws constitutional or not