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U.S Gov by Mind Map: U.S Gov

1. Judicial

1.1. There are no qualifications to be a member if the U.S Supreme Court

1.1.1. President nominates someone for the spot the senate confirms the Nominee The are 9 justices Chief Justice is the highest ranking officer

2. Executive

2.1. Qualifications for President ,Natural born citizen ,resident for 14 years , must be over 35

2.1.1. Qualification for Vice President , Natural born citizen, over 35 , resident in U.S for 14yrs President term is 4yrs Vice President term is 4yrs Being able to veto a bill or propose one Appoint federal judges

3. Legislative

3.1. House of Representatives and senate

3.2. Senate

3.2.1. Must be 30yrs or older

3.2.2. Have to be a U.S citizen for at least 9 yrs Have to be a resident of the state you represent at the time of the election 100 members of the senate

3.3. House of Representatives

3.3.1. Be at least 25yrs old Citizen of the U.S for the past 7 years Be a resident of the state they represent at the time of the election 435 members in the House of Representatives