United States Government

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United States Government by Mind Map: United States Government

1. Legislative branch

1.1. Chambers of congress

1.1.1. Requirements There are 100 Senators and 435 members of the House of Reps Powers of legislative branch 1. Checks on the executive branch 2. Can override presidential veto 3. Confirms executive appointments 4. Ratifies treaties 5. Can declare war 6. Appropriate money 7. Can impeach and remove the president

1.1.2. Age: 25

1.1.3. Citizenship: US citizen for 7 years

1.1.4. Residency: resident of the state, but not the district

1.2. 1. House of republicans

1.3. 2. Senate

2. Executive branch

2.1. Qualifications

2.1.1. Terms Powers of the Executive branch Roles of the president 1. Represent the nation 2. Preform ceremonial duties 3. Appoints cabinet members 1.checks on the legislative branch, checks on the judicial branch 2. Can purpose laws 3. Can veto laws 4. Can call specific sessions of congress 5. Makes appointments for federal positions, appoints federal judges 6. Negotiates foreign treaties 7. Can get pardons to federal offenders

2.1.2. 2 terms, 4 years each, or max 10 years

2.2. President and Vice presidential: 35 years old, Natural- born citizen, Live in the US for 14 years

3. Judicial branch

3.1. Qualifications of of the supreme court

3.1.1. Supreme court justices are selected by the government and voted on and approved by the senate There are 9 justices Chief Justice is the head of the justice.

3.2. Age: at least 30 years old

3.3. Licensed to practice in the state your live in

3.4. United states citizen for 15 years and qualified to vote in the state for nine years