U.S. Government

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U.S. Government by Mind Map: U.S. Government

1. Executive

1.1. Can reject a proposed law, appoint members of government agencies, can negotiate with other countries, appoint judges, and grant pardons for crimes

1.2. Role: Enforcing laws and commanding the armed forces

1.3. President

1.3.1. 35, resident for 14 years, born in the U.S.A

1.3.2. 4 years, Can be re-elected once

1.4. Vice President

1.4.1. 35, resident for 14 years, born in the U.S.A

1.4.2. 4 years. Can be re-elected once

1.5. Departments

1.5.1. 15

1.5.2. Department of State

1.5.3. Department of Agriculture

1.5.4. Department of Energy

1.5.5. Department of Commerce

1.5.6. Department of the Treasury

1.5.7. Department of Defense

1.5.8. Department of the Interior

1.5.9. Department of Justice

1.5.10. Department of Veteran Affairs

1.5.11. Department of Homeland Security

1.5.12. Department of Transportation

1.5.13. Department of Education

1.5.14. Department of Labor

1.5.15. Department of Housing and Urban Development

1.5.16. Department of Health and Human Services

2. Judicial

2.1. Supreme Court

2.1.1. Chief Justice, leader of the Supreme Court Can stay as long as they want

2.1.2. No Requirements

2.1.3. Chosen by the President

2.1.4. 9 Justices

2.1.5. Deals with cases that question the constitution

3. Legislation

3.1. Makes laws, declare war, regulates interstate and foreign commerce, controls taxing ,and spending policies

3.2. House of Representatives and Senate

3.2.1. House of Representatives 25, Citizen for 7 years, Inhabit the state you wish to represent 435 2 year terms

3.2.2. Senate 30, Citizen for 9 years, live in state you represent Members-100 6 year terms