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U.S Gov by Mind Map: U.S Gov

1. Judicial branch

1.1. The president would nominate someone for seat of vacancy,

1.1.1. The Supreme Court nominee would be voted on

1.1.2. There are nine justices on the Supreme Court

1.1.3. They would represent the United States in legal matters

1.1.4. They can serve life or until they want to retire and or an event would happen and they die. While on the bench

1.1.5. It’s the court that’s at the last resort, meaning they won’t step in or hear a case unless they just have no choice or it deals with something higher in the state.

2. Legislation

2.1. They are the Congress.

2.2. The senate

2.2.1. 100 serve in the senate 30 years or older Citizen for the United States for 9 years Should live in the state they want to represent. The senate would ratify treaties by a two thirds super majority they partner with the house for trade agreements and the confirm from the Vice President.

2.3. House of Representatives.

2.3.1. Established by article 1

2.3.2. Must be 25 years old, be a u.s citizen for 7 years and must live in that state. And 435 serve in the House of Representatives. They elect new people every 2 years.

2.3.3. They are able to impeach federal officials

2.3.4. They are Able to revenue bills

2.3.5. They are also able to elect the president in the situation often electoral college tie.

3. Executive

3.1. Vice President

3.1.1. Qualifications to be a Vice President are the same for the president as well. It’s at the presidents disscression if he or she wants the same Vice President

3.2. President

3.2.1. Qualifications to be president are natural born citizen of the United States be a resident for 14 years and must be 35 years or older. Term limit would be 4 years and possible re election to then for 8 years. The roles of the president are Chief of state Chief executive Chief administrator Chief diplomat. Commander in Chief Chief legislature Chief of party chief citizen 15 departments

3.3. Powers of the executive branch

3.3.1. Being able to veto or reject a proposal for a law

3.3.2. Appoint federal post such as meme era of government agencies

3.3.3. Negotiate foreign treaties with other countries

3.3.4. Appoint federal judges

3.3.5. Grant pardons or forgiveness for a crime.