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Us gov. by Mind Map: Us gov.

1. Judicial

1.1. To become a member

1.2. Senate Approves

1.3. How selected and approved

1.3.1. the President and confirmed by the Senate

1.3.2. How many justices

1.3.3. 9 justices

1.3.4. The head justices name

1.3.5. Is the chief of justice

1.3.6. How long do they serve

1.3.7. 6 years

1.3.8. Powers

1.3.9. Can over turn a law

2. Executive

2.1. The qualifications for president and Vice President

2.2. Must be a natural born citizen

2.3. Must be 35 years old

2.4. Length of term

2.5. Four year term

2.6. The powers of the Executive Branch

2.7. Power to veto

2.8. Appoint federal judges

2.9. The number of executive departments and the executive department names

2.10. The number of departments is 15

2.11. Secretaries of Agriculture,Education, Health and Human Services,Housing

3. Legislative

3.1. The two chambers

3.2. The House of Representatives

3.3. The senate

3.3.1. The age

3.3.2. 25 years old

3.3.3. Citizenship

3.3.4. Must be a citizen for seven years Residency requirements Residents of state Current number of senators? 100 serves in US senate and 435 serve in US house The powers