US Government

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US Government by Mind Map: US Government

1. SCOTUS Judge is selected by the president and is approved by the senate, and there almost no qualifications to become a Supreme Court justice, but most that have. been selected have a background in law

2. Powers, ability to veto a bill, appoint federal posts and state court judges. And appoint executive position appoint federal judges and grant pardons.

3. There are 9 SCOTUS justices

4. Declaring wars, making laws, regulate foreign affairs and commerce. Taxi band spending policy.

5. They have a life long term so the aren’t influenced by re-election and focus on there job.

6. Title of the head justice is called the Chief Justice.

7. Qualifications for president 35 years or older, natural born citizen of the United States, and a resident for 14 years. The same qualifications apply for the Vice President.

8. They can overturn laws if it’s deemed unconstitutional. And decide court cases and appeals.

9. There are 15 executive departments.

10. Term length is every 4 years, can only serve 2 terms.

11. HOR- at least 25 years old, live in the US for 7 years, live ( at the time of the election ) in the state you represent.

12. HOR serves 2 year terms and are up for re-election every year.

13. Senators serve 6 year terms

14. Senate- 30 years or older, Live in US for 9 years live in state you represent.

15. 2 chambers of Congress

16. The Senate and House of Represenitives

16.1. Elastic Clause- Section I article VIII allows congress to have the power to make laws

16.2. Elastic Clause- Section I article VIII allows congress to have the power to make laws

17. President is in this branch

18. 20+ departments under this branch, including the presidential cabinet.

19. Legislative Branch

19.1. Powers

20. Bicameral (2)

21. Passes laws and bills, sets up court systems (SCOTUS)

22. Executive Branch

23. Judicial Branch