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Hardware by Mind Map: Hardware

1. Processor

1.1. Apple A1600 Bionic

2. Graphic card

2.1. 9999ti or 9999super

3. Camera

3.1. 12-megapixel main sensor, with an aperture that can shift between f/1.5 for night shots and f/2.4 for the day. There’s an ultra-wide 16-megapixel f/2.2 sensor, too, and a stabilised 12-megapixel tele sensor for zooming.

3.2. Camera automatically ajusts to the light or darkness of the room when taking a picture.

4. palm recognition

4.1. There will be a sensor on the back of the phone.

4.2. By simply holding the phone, it will recognize your hand and unlock the password.

5. screen

5.1. Sapphire Screen

5.1.1. More durable and resistent than glass.

6. Cpu

6.1. AMD FX-4130

6.1.1. processing speed of 3.8GHz 1milisecond -------

7. memory/ram

7.1. 30tB

8. size

8.1. 6.5in

9. battery

9.1. 33%/1min

9.1.1. chargeable until 300%

10. Waterproof

10.1. IP 180

10.1.1. waterproof up to 100meters and 5hrs ` ````````````````