The federal government

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The federal government by Mind Map: The federal government

1. Judicial

1.1. Doesn’t have to meet any qualifications.

1.1.1. The president nominates someone 6 years Interpret the constitution and the limit

1.1.2. The president nominates someone for a vacancy on the court. Nine justices Chief Justice

2. Executive

2.1. Vice President

2.1.1. President

2.1.2. Natural born citizen

2.1.3. 35 years old

2.1.4. U.s citizen for 14 years Limited 2 to four year term Term may be elected in his or her own right only once. Powers Being able to veto or reject a law Appoint federal judges Negotiate Foreign Treaties with other countries

2.2. Natural born u.s citizen

2.3. 35 years old

2.4. U.s citizen for 14 years

3. Legislative

3.1. Senate

3.1.1. 25 years old Us citizen for at least 7 years The power of the legislative. Makes laws, declare war, regulates interstate and foreign commerce. Controls taxes.

3.2. House of Representatives

3.2.1. Resident of the state 435 representatives 100 senators