VR and AR in Learning

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VR and AR in Learning by Mind Map: VR and AR in Learning

1. Applications

1.1. Military

1.2. K-12 (more research would need to be done to verify how young these technologies have been applied)

1.3. College

1.4. Workplace

2. Technologies

2.1. Immersive Virtual Reality

2.1.1. Prompts Immediacy

2.1.2. 3D VR

2.1.3. Potentially less cognitive load

2.2. Non-Immersive Virtual Reality

2.2.1. 2D VR

2.2.2. Does Not prompt Immediacy

2.3. Augmented Reality

2.3.1. Prompts Immediacy

2.3.2. Potentially less cognitive load

3. VR Use Cases

3.1. Difficult or dangerous to recreate situations

3.2. Distance collaboration

3.3. Therapeutic interventions

4. AR Use Cases

4.1. Just in time job aid

4.2. Display of normally invisible data/information

4.3. Distance collaboration

4.4. Informal learning scaffolding

5. VR Examples

5.1. Classroom Astronot expereince

5.2. Medical practitioners practicing surgical procedures

5.3. Classroom Eutrophication Scenario

6. AR Examples

6.1. Medical student patient empathy practice

6.2. Show forces in play during an experiement

6.3. Historical information at landmarks