Account Payment

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Account Payment by Mind Map: Account Payment

1. Common Error Codes

1.1. If token not provided or expired 401 Error code

1.1.1. "message": "Authorization has been denied for this request."

1.2. 404 Not Found - Occurs when the resource provided is not found

1.2.1. { "message":"The requested resource could not be found." }

1.3. If sending more requests than is allowed then 429: Too many requests

1.3.1. Configuration. To be confirmed with Dev

1.3.2. "message": "You have exceeded the maximum limit of request allowed. Please try your request again in a moment."

1.4. If client does not have permission to business provided then 403: Forbidden

1.4.1. { "errorCode":"access_denied", "message":"Unable to process this request as you do not have access to the customer associated to this request." }

1.5. 500: Internal Server Error Lock database to test

1.5.1. { "message": "Something went wrong while processing your request. We’re sorry for the trouble. We’ve been notified of the error and will correct it as soon as possible. Please try your request again in a moment." }

1.6. 503: Service Unavailable Turn off CustomerServices in Application Pool to Test

1.6.1. { "message": "The API is currently unavailable due to a scheduled outage – please try again soon." }

2. General Logic

2.1. Required Fields

2.1.1. AccountId DSElk.dbo.Account.AdfitNo Not Provided 400 AccountId is required More than 15 characters 400 AccountId is invalid Special Characters (Not alpha numeric) 400 AccountId is invalid AccountId doesn't exist in DB 400 Cannot find account that matches the account id provided Account is closed PendingCancellation = 0 Pending Cancellation = 1 Account Country is Australia and no Legal Address 422 No Legal Address found on file. Please contact Debitsuccess Account Country is New Zealand and no Legal Address No error AccountID belongs to Gateway Facility Account 422 This business is not configured for real time payments MerchantId RequireExactFacilityMerchantId = true RequireExactFacilityMerchantId = false Not configured

2.1.2. ExternalPaymentIdentifier DSElk.payments.AccountCardPaymentExternalIdentifier Not provided 400 ExternalPaymentIdentifier is required More than 50 characters 400 ExternalPaymentIdentifier is invalid Special characters (Not alpha numeric and hyphen) 400 ExternalPaymentIdentifier is invalid Already exists Unique per Identity Client 400 The external payment identifier provided has already been used

2.1.3. AccountHolderName Required if CardType is not 'Token' Not provided 400 AccountHolderName is required More than 50 characters 400 AccountHolderName is invalid Special characters (Not alpha numeric, space and apostrophe) 400 AccountHolderName is invalid

2.1.4. CardNumber Required if CardType is not 'Token' Not provided 400 CardNumber is required More than 20 characters 400 CardNumber is invalid Special characters (Not numeric) 400 CardNumber is invalid Invalid card number 400 CardNumber is invalid Card Number does not match card type 400 CardNumber is invalid

2.1.5. CVC Required if CardType is not 'Token' Not provided 400 Cvc is required More than 4 characters 400 Cvc is invalid Special characters (Not Numeric) 400 Cvc is invalid

2.1.6. CardType Not provided 400 CardType is required Not allowed by ConCard 422 The selected payment method is not supported by this business

2.1.7. ExpiryDate Required if CardType is not 'Token' Not provided 400 ExpiryDate is required Invalid format Not MM/yy 400 Invalid ExpiryDate Format. Please use MM/yy Date in the past 400 ExpiryDate is invalid

2.1.8. Token Required if CardType is 'Token' Not provided 400 Token is required Expired 400 Token is invalid Invalid token Does not match PayMethod record that belongs to account 400 Token is invalid Card type of matched PayMethod not allowed by ConCard 422 The selected payment method is not supported by this business Expiry Date of Card attached is expired 422 The card has expired

2.1.9. Amount Numeric, 2dp Not provided 400 Amount is required Amount less than $1 400 - Card payment amount must be greater than or equal to {minAmount} and less than {maxAmount} Amount more than $10,000 400 - Card payment amount must be greater than or equal to {minAmount} and less than {maxAmount} Not 2dp 400 Amount is invalid Negative value 400 Amount is invalid

2.2. Optional

2.2.1. PaymentDescription More than 30 characters 400 PaymentDescription is invalid

2.2.2. CreateOneOffCharge (Default value = false) True One-Off pay schedule will be created False One-Off pay schedule not created invalid value provided 400 CreateOneOffCharge is invalid false and amount is more than account outstanding balance (sum of Processing.Total + Processing.Paid) 400 Amount cannot be more than the outstanding balance

3. Successful Request

3.1. Response Code 201

3.1.1. { "status": "authorised", "externalPaymentIdentifier": "b97d9688-1a07-4b35-ae54-28e32870f7cd" }

3.2. Response Code 202 (WindCave/Vantiv)

3.2.1. { "status": "accepted", "message": "Payment has been accepted and pending to be processed." } Check for test cards that can produce this response

3.3. Account overdue and DD stop = true and WillClearOnArrearsSettlements = 1

3.3.1. overdue cleared DD stop removed

3.3.2. overdue not cleared DD stop will remain on account

3.4. Data inserted into payments.AccountCardPaymentExternalIdentifier table

3.5. Data inserted into CreditCardPaymentLog table

3.6. Data inserted into CCReceipt table

3.7. Data inserted into RecBatch table

3.8. Data inserted into Docket table

3.9. Data inserted into Trans table

3.10. Transcode = OP

3.11. RabbitMQ will consume message and update Account Balance in Processing Table

3.12. CreateOneOffCharge

3.12.1. true

3.12.2. false