Technology Driven Instruction

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Technology Driven Instruction by Mind Map: Technology Driven Instruction

1. Statistics

1.1. Public schools now provide at least one computer for every five students

1.2. More than $3 billion per year is spent on digital content

1.3. Nearly three-fourths of high school students say they use a tablet regularly in the classroom

2. Why it could be failing

2.1. Teachers' beliefs

2.2. Lack of technology expertise

2.3. Support from administration

2.4. Lack of time and incentives

3. A debate

3.1. Who is technology more valuable for: teachers or their students?

4. Challenges

4.1. Teachers lack an understanding of how educational technology works

4.2. Expanding teachers' knowledge of new instructional practices that will allow them to select and use the right technology the right way with the right students for the right purpose

5. Solutions

5.1. Professional development

5.2. Using the "early adopters" to teach the other teachers how to integrate technology into their lessons