[PUT] Update Account

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[PUT] Update Account by Mind Map: [PUT] Update Account

1. Common API Errors

1.1. 401 Unauthorized Unauthorized - Occurs when the authorization token provided is either expired or invalid

1.1.1. Expired/Invalid "message": "Authorization has been denied for this request."

1.2. 403 Forbidden - when the identity server client does not have access to the business - insufficient claims

1.2.1. Required Claims - not applicable at this moment ex. user read only access but trying to update "errorCode": "required_claims", "message": "Unable to process this request due to insufficient client claims.", "errors": [ { "claim": "The name of the claim required." } ]

1.2.2. Access Denied { "errorCode":"access_denied", "message":"Unable to process this request as you do not have access to the account associated to this request." }

1.3. 404 Not Found Not Found - Occurs when the resource provided is not found

1.3.1. "message":"The resource provided could not be found"

1.4. 429 Too many requests More requests than the allowed request limit

1.4.1. "message": "You have exceeded the maximum limit of request allowed. Please try your request again in a moment."

1.4.2. Configuration, to be confirmed with Dev

1.5. 500 Internal Server Error Internal Server Error - Something went wrong on our end ex. Database locked

1.5.1. "message": "Something went wrong while processing your request. We’re sorry for the trouble. We’ve been notified of the error and will correct it as soon as possible. Please try your request again in a moment."

1.6. 503: Service Unavailable Turn off CustomerServices in Application Pool to Test

1.6.1. "message": "The API is currently unavailable due to a scheduled outage – please try again soon."


2.1. 201 Created

2.1.1. when fixedTerm = False

2.2. 400 Bad Request

2.2.1. AccountExternalID AccountExternalID is empty { "field":"accountExternalId", "message":"AccountExternalId is required." } Invalid value provided { "field":"accountExternalId", "message":"AccountExternalId is invalid." } AccountExternalID exceed max limit example: 51 characters { "field":"accountExternalId", "message":"AccountExternalId must not exceed 50 characters." } accountExternalID exist { "field":"accountExternalId", "message":"AccountExternalId provided already exists." }

2.2.2. termType termType is empty { "field":"termType", "message":"TermType is required." } termType provided is invalid { "field":"termType", "message":"TermType is invalid." } when fixedTerm = True { "field":"termType", "message":"TermType must not be updated for a fixed term account." }

2.3. 403 Forbidden

2.3.1. Reject/Block Request (except contractAmount) FinishDate is NULL and CancelReason having PendingCancellation = 1

2.3.2. Reject/Block Request (including contractAmount) FinishDate & CancelReason is not NULL

3. DB Validation