International factors

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International factors by Mind Map: International factors

1. Barriers in price standardization

1.1. Different cost factors

1.2. Currency fluctuation

1.3. Different product needs and public regulations

1.4. Dumping levels

1.5. Price and transfer policy requirements

1.6. Official Kimites and regulation of prices and discounts

2. Price escalation

2.1. Fluctuation of exchange rates

2.2. Margins of intermediaries

2.3. Different currency values

2.4. Inflation

2.5. Tax, tariffs and administration costs

2.6. Transport costs

3. Influence management and marketing factors, as well as behavioral and attitude factors within the company

4. The nature of the product and the sector

4.1. The distribution system

4.2. The location of the

4.3. Manufacturing plant

4.4. The foreign market training

4.5. Foreign Currency Difference

5. Technology and competition

5.1. Exchange rate fluctuation

5.2. Distribution channels and price scale

5.3. Price coordination between market

5.4. Exchange rate fluctuation and price totality