Australian fires

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Australian fires by Mind Map: Australian fires

1. Environmental damage

1.1. Poisoned water

1.1.1. solution: Chlorine dioxide is a chemical that can dean water.

2. Burning almost the entire state of Virginia

2.1. 12 million acres were burned

2.2. A lot of people have lost their homes. (homeless)

2.2.1. solution: They can make houses fire proof or the government can give them new places to stay and pay it for people who lost their house.

3. Animals are getting killed

3.1. Animals lost their habitats

3.1.1. Solution: To make a system were people take care of animals who lost their habitats.

4. The fire is spreading quickly

4.1. 120 degrees in the capital city.

4.1.1. Solution: They can stop it before it gets bigger so it does not spread quickly or