Recent Experience of Service Development and /or Improvement

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Recent Experience of Service Development and /or Improvement by Mind Map: Recent Experience of Service Development and /or Improvement

1. Newly Commissioned Post

1.1. Role identification and referral criteria

1.1.1. Complex Cases/Assessments

1.1.2. Cases not known to CAMHS

1.1.3. Consultation and Liaison

1.2. Groups

1.2.1. Identified Need: Development of parent pre-assessment group

1.2.2. Service Improvement: Development of parent post-diagnosis groups

1.2.3. Developing YP Pegasus rolling programme

1.3. Ensuring Service Delivery Quality

1.3.1. Clinical Accuracy/Autism Ax Pathway

2. Generic CAMHS

2.1. Psychology Waiting list initiatives - Groups

2.1.1. Anxiety (CBT)

2.1.2. Anxiety and Autism

2.1.3. ACT/Wellness

2.2. CAMHS initiative: NVR Group (SDQ, Brief Parent, SIPA/PSI)

2.2.1. Post-group support and parent WhatsApp groups

2.2.2. Meets KPIs, service delivery etc.

3. CAMHS Horizon

3.1. Local Transformation Plans/Trailblazers

3.1.1. Infrastructure and workforce planning

3.1.2. Collection of performance data, ROMS and IT difficulties

3.1.3. Care pathways/Needs led service

3.2. Transforming Care: TCAPS, PBS; adult transitions

3.3. 5 year Children's Commissioning Plan/THRIVE

3.3.1. Variance Reduction cross 5 boroughs Vs local need; 0-25 services