Haloween Decoration Themes

carte mentale Avril Champon

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Haloween Decoration Themes by Mind Map: Haloween Decoration Themes

1. Costume mascot

1.1. ghost mascot

1.2. spider mascot

1.3. monster mascot

2. garland haloween

2.1. garland skeleton

2.2. garland ghost

2.3. garland witch

3. dresser of haloween

3.1. dresser candys

4. film animation for halloween

4.1. film of night horror for halloween with spiders , monsters and ghosts

5. room decoration for halloween

5.1. black romm with spider animation

5.2. red room with pumpkin animation

5.3. white room with skeleton animation

6. story of haloween

7. haunted house behind a big house

7.1. haunted house with several levels