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Mix-Freeze-Group by Mind Map: Mix-Freeze-Group

1. ..

1.1. 1. "Mix" around the room.

1.2. 2. "Freeze" when teacher calls freeze.

1.3. 3. Listen to question and think about your answer

1.4. 4. When teacher says "show me", show answer with fingers at chest.

1.5. 5. Group according to answers, and then discuss question provided by teacher.

2. Classbuilding or teambuilding

3. Content area strategy

3.1. Any topic

3.1.1. Language Arts How many sounds do you hear in the word (Hat)? 1. Students will get into their thinking positions. 2.Students will double check the answer with their group.

3.1.2. Science

3.1.3. Math

3.1.4. Social Studies

4. Assessment strategy

4.1. 1. Teacher asks a multiple choice question and assign a number to each answer.

4.2. 2. Students group according to their answer to the question.

4.3. 3. Once in their groups, students discuss why they chose the answer that they did.

5. Why is it effective:

5.1. Learning Pyramid

6. Why is it effective? students are interacting with classmates other than their own table team members. This is also a great energizer release method to use when students have been sitting or concentrating for long periods of time

7. Lower Affective filter: Helpful for Students that don't speak out. Peer Support: Student encourages and support each other in their team. Enhance Motivation: The structures are engaging interaction sequences, and students need to understand each other, there is a high motivation to speak, write and to read depending on the activity. Greater language Use: Using a pair structure such as time pair share, it takes two minutes to give every student the opportunity to produce language.

8. Teambuilding or Classbuilding