3440:002 Standards for Technology Share-Out

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3440:002 Standards for Technology Share-Out by Mind Map: 3440:002 Standards for Technology Share-Out

1. Standard 1: The characteristics and scope of technology

1.1. Technology connects everybody/everything

2. Standard 2: The core concepts of technology

2.1. The core concepts are an interdependent set of ideas that connect our development and use of technology

3. Standard 3: The relationship among technologies and the connections between technology and other fields

3.1. New innovations lead to new genre's of technology (e.g., telescope and astronomy

4. Standard 4: The cultural, social, economic, and political effects of technology

4.1. Technology affects the way we see and interact with the world around us

5. Standard 5: The effects of technology on the enviroment

5.1. We have put a lot of effort into reversing the damage we have done to the environment (e.g., clean energy, electric car, solar panels

6. Standard 6: The role of society in the development and use of technology

7. Standard 7: The influence of technology on history

7.1. History leads to advancements in technology and vice versa

8. Standard 8: The attributes of design

8.1. When making a product or system design is the first step

9. Standard 9: Engineering design

9.1. Engineering design is an advancement in society that allows for future technology advancements

10. Standard 10: The role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving

10.1. Help identify problems in emerging technology

11. Standard 11: Apply the design process

11.1. Allows for the invention of new technologies to improve science

12. Standard 12: Use and maintain technological products and systems

12.1. technology is becoming more and more important and by teaching positives and negatives and problem solving techniques we create better users

13. Standard 13: Assess the impact of products and systems

13.1. The positives of new products and systems can often have unintended consequences

14. Standard 14: Medical technologies

14.1. It seems like people expect robots to take over human life

15. Standard 15: Agricultural and related biotechnologies

15.1. Science and technology developments are essential to sustainable agriculture

16. Standard 16: Energy and power technologies

16.1. We need to find a way to create and sustain clean energy and power at a global level

17. Standard 17 Information and communication technologies

17.1. Communication uses technology to connect science and society

18. Standard 18: Transportation technologies

18.1. Transportation helps bring the world closer together

19. Standard 19: Manufacturing technologies

19.1. Manufacturing technology allows for precise mass production of items that can hurt or help the economy or earth

20. Standard 20: Construction technologies

20.1. Technology in construction as lead to a safer work space, less physical stress, and saves time