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Departments by Mind Map: Departments

1. Design & Development

1.1. Heads

1.1.1. Department Heads Meeting Schedule Feb 21 for the mean time Every Monday @2pm Department Activities Planning Budget Guidelines

1.1.2. Chain of Command Authority Scope Who is our immediate superior?

1.1.3. Operation OT Endorsements Work from Home Office Hours OT & Holiday Schedule

1.1.4. Personal Status Person to Contact Taro-san Toshiya-san Ms Marie Issues Badly needs training State of Mind Job Description Requests Books Software Office Supplies

1.1.5. Thoughts Let's start by building a strong foundation. Now that we're still small in numbers is the best time to do this.

1.2. Staff

1.2.1. Collaborators / Crossovers Share project report to Department Head

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Resource Library Librarian / Curator Books / eBooks Repositories

1.3.2. Android Phones

2. HR

2.1. Employed

2.1.1. Training Skills Improvement New Employees Existing Employees Manager Language & Communication Japanese Classes

2.1.2. Levels Seniority Performance Motivation to go up Evaluations

2.2. HIring

2.2.1. Interviews Objectives Priority Skills Request Levels Pointers Issues Job Descriptions Exams Questions Compensation Schedule Start Date Decisions

2.2.2. Google Docs Folder Resumes Pointers / Checklist Inventory Status By Skills