eBooks vs. Books

Taking at look at the pros and cons of Ebooks against paper books

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eBooks vs. Books by Mind Map: eBooks vs. Books

1. Are Old School Print Books Better than eBooks

2. eBooks

2.1. Pros

2.1.1. Cheaper

2.1.2. Wider Access Easier to Share easy to access other sites when working with an ebook

2.1.3. Never Age

2.1.4. Adjustable settings Audible setting and can be read to you

2.1.5. Water resistant with water proof case

2.1.6. Can highlight the text online New additions can be automatically updated Copy & paste option when taking notes Ability to zoom in on Text

2.1.7. Easier to carry around when all eBooks are located on laptop

2.1.8. Eco-friendly by going paperless

2.2. Cons

2.2.1. Needs battery

2.2.2. Pirated Copies Without internet you can't get the book, or download it etc.

2.2.3. Screens can strain eyes Can cause migraines Can lead to lack of sleep, from the brightness of the screen

2.2.4. No device policy in classes = no ebooks

2.2.5. Internet issues when you don’t have wifi

2.2.6. Can't resell an ebook

2.2.7. Can be distracting being on a computer when trying to read/take notes and end up not finishing homework

3. Books

3.1. Pros

3.1.1. Why physical books still outsell e-books | CNBC Reports

3.1.2. Can be used as tinder in desperate situations

3.1.3. Can physically see and feel your progress as pages left to read become fewer

3.1.4. No time limit, will not expire Can pass favorites down to family/new generations

3.1.5. No eye strain from a digital screen

3.1.6. More pleasurable to hold because of their feel, weight, and texture Fresh smell of a new book Real books can be used as decorations in homes/offices

3.1.7. A single object in hand reduces desire to multi task Less disturbing to read, no links to distract you

3.1.8. Can be traded or given as gifts

3.1.9. You can always have access to it

3.1.10. Ability to utilize libraries

3.1.11. You can re-sell if someone needs it or back to the book store

3.1.12. Easier to flip between pages in a book

3.1.13. Doesn't require Internet Never run out of battery Wont ever have technology errors/ malfunctions

3.1.14. Can mark on pages on a physical copy Add place savers, and bookmarks that are easy to turn to

3.2. Cons

3.2.1. Papercuts

3.2.2. cost more Hard to re-sell

3.2.3. You have to buy whatever edition your teacher prefers

3.2.4. Takes up space (backpack or office) Can be heavy to carry

3.2.5. Can cause medical conditions to back after years

3.2.6. If you forget textbook in room you can't access it on computer/tablet

3.2.7. Harder to navigate than searching on an eBook

3.2.8. Can get damaged by weather or other elements

3.2.9. If rented, you can't highlight or mark on the pages

3.2.10. Can't read with lights off, disruptive if trying to read with lights on late at night

4. BookWars: E-books vs. Printed Books - Infographic Video