Partner Program requirements

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Partner Program requirements by Mind Map: Partner Program requirements

1. What type of content do we need to host?

1.1. PDFs, logos, docs - Future state

2. Do we need multiple logins?

2.1. No. Single login suffices

3. Is content unique for each partner?

3.1. Not in the first phase

4. Do they need to be able to track referrals through this portal?

4.1. Yes, first phase

5. Go Live Must Haves

5.1. Lead form

5.1.1. End up in SFDC

5.1.2. Tracking of leads Won/lost/more info Commission summary lead / amount / date Remittance sent from finance

5.2. Private Page

5.2.1. Login required Only 1 login per partner

6. Future state requirements

6.1. Asset downloads

6.1.1. PDF's

6.1.2. logos

6.2. Book a tour