Healthcare Technologies

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Healthcare Technologies by Mind Map: Healthcare Technologies

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

1.1. Chatbots can store patient information making it easily accessible for healthcare professionals

1.2. Chatbots can answer simple medical questions i.e. personal medical records, medication instructions, symptom meanings, etc.

1.3. AI software can identify diseases, provide training, utilize research analysis, and help with end of life care.

1.4. Chatbots can provide mental health counseling services

2. ePrescribing

2.1. Prevent forged prescriptions

2.2. Avoid errors because of illegible handwriting

2.3. Avoid losing a paper script before filling the prescription

2.4. Better/more accurate records regarding when a prescription was filled and all the details involved

2.5. Get prescriptions faster - also faster response if pharmacy doesn't have prescription or it's not covered by the patient's insurance

3. Telehealth

3.1. Communicate with nurses electronically

3.2. Get diagnoses while at home

3.3. Wearable devices to help diagnose patients i.e. smartwatch can detect atrial fibrillation

3.4. Inform patients if/when to see a doctor based on concerns, saving money of both patients and clinics

4. Web-based insurance platform

4.1. Enables the insured to search , providers, book appointments, and manage medication list all online

4.2. Chat service via mobile apps - allows the insured to connect with physicians to address their needs in real-time

4.3. Keep information safe

4.4. Help customers find and understand information regarding benefits and claims

5. Electronic health records

5.1. Patient info available electronically

5.2. Safer than paper records with blockchain technology

5.3. Easy for patients to access their own records

5.4. Easy to transfer information between health providers