Working Nursing Mothers

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Working Nursing Mothers by Mind Map: Working Nursing Mothers

1. Family

1.1. At home

1.1.1. Nurse on-demand

1.2. meals

1.3. Stress and Guilt

1.4. Work/home routine

1.4.1. Prepare for return back to work Bottle or cup Test which one baby likes/prefers PUMP Have a milk storage start slowly find a sitter working pumping

1.5. Keep house in order

1.5.1. juggle: laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and managing bills

1.6. Dr.s appointments

1.7. Extracurricular activities children are involved in

1.7.1. BJJ Making practices and games/meats/tournaments

1.7.2. Baseball

2. Workplace

2.1. hours

2.1.1. breaks

2.1.2. class schedules

2.1.3. standard hours

2.1.4. shifts

2.1.5. work from home

2.1.6. overtime

2.1.7. flex

2.2. sick calls

2.2.1. who stays home with child

2.2.2. HR policies

2.2.3. Pay

2.3. co-workers

2.3.1. discriminate

2.3.2. use lactation rooms for their 10 min breaks

2.3.3. no where to be found when needing to take a break

2.3.4. push personal views on me feel breastfeeding is sexual push to switch to formula formula costly formula not as nutritional as breastmilk believe breastfeeding is disgusting shame mothers who choose to breastfeed

2.3.5. treat mothers poorly for getting breaks harassed put up with derogatory and humiliating comments

2.3.6. lack support

2.4. Trying to get work done

2.4.1. have to pump every two hours need to do in order to keep up supply not being able to do this will cause mother to have to supplement with loss of supply Need a lactation room private with lock quiet adequate seating electrical outlets clean up station fridge separate from employees food need breaks management not giving breaks

2.5. attitudes of teachers, student

2.5.1. others' solutions

2.5.2. others pumping

3. Personal Wellness

3.1. Sleep

3.1.1. Night Feedings

3.2. Water

3.3. Food

4. Childcare

4.1. Search for sitter

4.1.1. conduct interviews weigh the cost of each sitter can I afford this

4.1.2. credentials

4.1.3. are they trustworthy will my child be safe with them will they tend to my baby's needs Non-smoker

4.1.4. hours available work on holidays willing to pick up other children from school

4.1.5. location near work or school drop-ins bring child to you

4.1.6. type of childcare

4.1.7. educating caregiver bottles/cups time feedings materials I provide used only for my child diapers wipes feed my child only what I provide

5. Pumping

5.1. Clothing

5.1.1. convenience

5.1.2. cleaning

5.1.3. leaking extra breast pads

5.2. Cost of pump

5.2.1. rent

5.2.2. buy

5.2.3. will insurance cover cost

5.3. type of pump

5.3.1. manual

5.3.2. electric

5.3.3. hand-express

5.4. storage

5.4.1. brand

5.4.2. cost

5.5. place

5.5.1. privacy

5.6. time

5.6.1. set-up & take-down

5.6.2. volume

5.7. routine

5.7.1. arrange times

5.7.2. drinking enough water

5.7.3. eating healthy

6. Stopping

6.1. working

6.2. pumping

6.3. breast feeding

6.3.1. lack of support family health professionals such as Dr's coworkers/supervidors

7. Breast Feeding BENEFITS

7.1. Mother

7.1.1. Bond long-lasting Faster with baby

7.1.2. less chance of postpartum depression

7.1.3. Aids in postpartum recovery weight loss helps produce oxytocin reduces uterine bleeding helps uterus shrink back to pre-pregnancy size

7.1.4. less-likely to develop breast cancer and ovarian cancer

7.1.5. less likely to develop osteoporosis

7.1.6. absorb calcium quicker when lactating

7.2. Baby

7.2.1. Ideal nutrition provides baby with: protein, minerals, and vitamins contains immunity-boosting antibodies and healthy enzymes help fight bacteria and viruses protects against allergies and eczema scientists unable to replicate

7.2.2. Lessens the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

7.2.3. makes vaccines more effective

7.2.4. Studies are showing Babies are more intelligent

7.3. Naturally made and free

7.4. Supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics