Healthcare Technology

Healthcare technology

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Healthcare Technology by Mind Map: Healthcare Technology

1. Clinical practice

1.1. EHR Records (Electronic Health Records)

1.1.1. Paper records before EHR

1.2. Recording a patient's medical journey for better services

1.2.1. Confidentiality

1.2.2. More private

1.2.3. Paper records were slower and harder to bring up Lost or stolen easily Harder to share across professions

1.3. Electronic workload

1.3.1. Able to share charts across medical staff sharing behavior and medical interventions

1.3.2. Electronic charting

2. Administration

2.1. Review of workload for healthcare professionals

2.2. Review of patient's health journey

2.3. Recording of outcomes as a result of electronic charting

2.3.1. Before technology done with paper

2.4. Supports decisions made by healthcare professionals based by one's health journey

3. Research

3.1. Evaluation of certain diseases

3.2. Evaluation of outcomes based on trials

3.3. Faster research methods being published

3.3.1. Causes a qualitative approach Before technology Research was slower to conduct Information not as easily shared with other professionals Results were slower Not quite as thorough

3.3.2. More thorough

3.3.3. Faster results

3.4. Better documentation of diseases

4. Education

4.1. Technology allows healthcare professionals to provide to a broader population

4.1.1. Public Health Professionals especially use technology for education

4.1.2. Prevention measures

4.1.3. Broader audience

4.1.4. Faster method of delivery Before technology: Harder information to deliver to audience Prevention measures not quite as researched- harder to gain an audience's attention

4.1.5. More qualitative measure of education

4.2. Easier for healthcare professionals to learn from each other as well

5. Same or Different?

5.1. While Technology has increased, the goals of technology within healthcare technology are the same:

5.1.1. To protect the public

5.1.2. To research disease and intervention methods

5.1.3. To educate the public

5.1.4. To help with EHR charting and to help healthcare professionals efficiency

5.1.5. To create better onfidentality

5.1.6. Faster service

5.1.7. Better quality of service