Explanatory style

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Explanatory style by Mind Map: Explanatory style

1. What is?

1.1. Habits of explanation

1.1.1. How do you think about failure?

1.1.2. What do you think of yourself when you encounter a wall?

1.2. Way we live our lives

2. Consequences

2.1. Influence the way other people see you

2.1.1. Work with you

2.1.2. Work against you

2.2. Learned helplessness


3. How to change it?

3.1. Recognizing automatic thoughts at the times you feel worst

3.1.1. Dispute Contrary evidence

3.1.2. Distraction Attention shifting techniques Schedule a specific time to give your problems a thought Focus attention on a small object Hitting a rubber band in the wrist

3.1.3. Keep going or give up?

3.2. Optimistic personal dialogue

3.2.1. ABCDE method A: Adversity Description of what happened B: Belief How you interpret the adversity C: Consequence Feelings (sad, anxious, guilty, joyful), what you did D: Disputing Evidence Alternatives Implications Usefulness E: Energization

4. Dimensions

4.1. Permanence

4.1.1. "It's gonna last forever"

4.1.2. "It's only temporal"

4.2. Pervasiveness

4.2.1. "It's gonna undermine everything I do"

4.2.2. "Every aspect of my life is wrong"

4.2.3. "A specific aspect of my life is not doing well"

4.3. Personalization

4.3.1. "It's because of me"

4.3.2. "The circumstances that made me fail are outside of my reach"

5. Where does it come from?

5.1. Mother's explanatory style

5.1.1. The mother’s level of optimism and the child’s level were very similar.

5.1.2. Most influential people in a child's life

5.2. Adult's criticism

5.2.1. Permanent and pervasive explanation of a kid's failure